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Year 10 Day 107 16:12
I have a problem. Every time I log on I click about two things and then it kicks me off with the explanation "Your session expired. Please log in again." Could you please help me find a solution to this problem?

Year 10 Day 107 16:58
Also my handle is "Talus Varrn"

Year 10 Day 107 17:11
Hiyo Rogo

Are you logging in using Internet Explorer? If so, try using Firefox.

Year 10 Day 107 17:18
Talus Varrn

I was actually using the Opera web browser, and then I went to Firefox and it is still having the same problems. I doubt IE would do any better, so I did not even try. And I have already tried all of the suggested solutions on the sticky topics.

By the way cool picture, Doctor Beckett is a beast (disregard any incorrect spelling)

Edited By: Talus Varrn on Year 10 Day 107 17:22
Year 10 Day 107 17:55
Even though I can get on sometimes, it still kicks me off almost as soon as I get on. Is there any way to fix this?

Year 10 Day 107 18:48
Try it now.



Year 10 Day 107 19:08
Talus Varrn

It is now working so far, i will post here again if it starts having problems again.

Thank you for your quick and helpful response.