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Archives » Just sign fraction, need help
Year 10 Day 108 22:47
Azza Taylor

Um, hi
I just started combine and just recently I joined the Fraction 'the Antarian rangers'. When I joined I got a message asking for my coords but I am on the planet FALIR. Would they be able to get to me from their. If not what do I do?

Edited By: Azza Taylor on Year 10 Day 108 22:51
Year 10 Day 108 23:26
They'll have to send someone out for you, but yes they should be able to get you from that location. Tell them the planet you are on, and as much information about your location as you can. They should be able to guide you through the process of obtaining any additional information they require.

Might I also direct you to the Guide, linked at the top of every page, which covers many of the commonly encountered issues for new players.


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Year 10 Day 108 23:31
Azza Taylor

Okay, thankyou
but what do I do while I wait

Year 10 Day 108 23:38
Do whatever you want to do. Go for a walk, feel the dog, play a xbox game, goto the movies, etc etc....

Just for future reference, things take time, there is time delay in the game application, so things will not be instant.



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