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Year 10 Day 110 2:03
Laurent Zai

I have just travelled in sub light to a cirtain city, is appears to have taken me to the middle of know where, now its telling me that I have to fly for 40 days to get to where I origionally wanted to go. Please can you take a look into this.


Year 10 Day 110 13:08
You did what?

"Sub light" is travel within a system. Cities are on planets. You would need to fly using sublight TO the planet, then descend into the city.

That said, I don't think it's possible to get anywhere within a system that it would take 40 DAYS - at any speed - to reach even the furthest point in that system.

Here's what I think you did:
I think you were using hyperspace travel, not sublight. I think you took the planetary co-ordinates of the city, and punched them into the travel interface as your destination. I think you flew across most of the galaxy to somewhere in the "Northwest" corner, and have only now realised your mistake.

I think your thread should not be titled "Problem with sub light..." but "Did not understand how to read co-ordinates".

I think you don't have any kind of valid question or concern, but need to mark it off as a mistake and something never to do again, and move on.


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Year 10 Day 111 5:27
Laurent Zai

I have been playing this game for three years, dont tell me that I dont understand co-ordinates.

This is not a mistake its a bug. So in future before making stupid comments, please evaluate the situation.

If you say that there is not was it would take 40 DAYS at any speed even to reach the futhest point, then why have I been travelling for a week and have 35D 4H and 04M left on my ETA???

Year 10 Day 111 5:32
Ka`rla Leakey

If you are flying in atmosphere, which i imagine you would be if flying to a city, did you by any chance use the mouse wheel accidentally to change the speed to its slowest setting? On a 20x20 planet that would be a very long time but still not sure if it would be 40 days.

I would suggest a screen shot and bugbase myself if all is otherwise correct.

Year 10 Day 111 5:39
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Have you tried aborting and restarting your journey?

Year 10 Day 111 6:33
Laurent Zai

Yeah I have stoped and then tried to travel again, im in hyper at the moment, because I am in the middle of space..... nothing for days worth of traveling. Is there not a way the SWC can move me back to where I was trying to land.....??

Year 10 Day 111 6:38
Laurent Zai


It has thrown me miles away, I was just about to go into orbit, then next login an hour later im miles away... I have started to travel there again, but I do not want to be travelling for ages

Year 10 Day 111 8:25
Ok.. that's just a picture of someone flying in hyperspace...

perhaps your ship events would be of better use?

stuff like this:

Year 10 Day 107, 3:37 The computer confirms the coordinates to (xx, xx) and you engage the sublight drive.
Year 10 Day 107, 1:27 Your ship exited hyperspace at (xx, x) in the system blurbed.
Year 10 Day 106, 16:28 The computer confirms the coordinates to (-xxx, -xxx) and you engage the hyperdrive motivator.
Year 10 Day 106, 16:27 Your ship stopped travelling at (xx, x).
Year 10 Day 106, 15:34 The computer confirms the coordinates to (xx, x) and you engage the sublight drive.
Year 10 Day 106, 15:27 Your ship stopped travelling at (xx, x).

That should clearly show the sequence of things, and if you entered orbit and immediately went into hyperspace, you had a bug. If not, it would be documented.


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Year 10 Day 111 10:38
Deleted Post
Deleted by Togan Jano. Reason: No help whatsoever for the problem stated. Stop needlessly promoting your favourite browser or get a forum ban.
Year 10 Day 111 11:45
Lexxa Sunnar

I see the time frame of 35 Days, but I also see you flying a A-99, which is one of the slowest ship in the galaxy. If what you say is accurate, then it's a bug for you to suddenly go from sub to hyper.


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Year 10 Day 112 7:53
Keram McDlanar

According to image seems that Hal was right.. I doubt someone who plays for three years could do such misstake..

"I was just about to go into orbit" - so, instead of setting sublight course you entered hyper coords.. heh. Here's the solution.


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Year 10 Day 114 2:36
Laurent Zai

Well no, becuase the co-ords I was already at were copy and pasted from my PM directly into the correct boxes, I didn't go into hyper even if I did, why would it take 40D to get to where I already am???

Year 10 Day 114 3:27
Perhaps, as Nir suggested, you could supply the actual cockpit events, so we can see what the system actually records you as doing, and the results of those actions?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.