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Year 10 Day 113 12:59
I've never really thought about it, but during a conversation with Mike and Mal it was brought up, and peeked my curiosity.
So I have to ask, why is this StarWars Combine? What's the combine for? Or is it just because it's got a nice ring to it?


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Year 10 Day 113 13:58
Ka`rla Leakey

From what I recall from several questions over the last few years, the Combine is so named because it combines several aspects of the internet together into one game.

Year 10 Day 113 17:01
Yeah, I believe the specific components that were initially referred to were the site, chat, and ICQ, and although the site now incorporates the forums themselves rather than still using external hosting, and ICQ being fairly obsolete now, the SWC community still extends to external forums (WS boards and faction-specific sub-communities), some instant messengers, chat, and other games.



Year 10 Day 113 17:14
Oh do not forget we use to have down loadable software that we use to login into instead of the site.



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Year 10 Day 113 19:15
The name predates the software.



Year 10 Day 115 0:05
No way eh
Remember CCom = Combine Commander.

It was until the creation of Darkness, the merging of website and logging in features together.

SWCom started after SWSim went down, I was around when it was created but not apart of it until later when I became the Chief Editor.

For those that don't know, some of the old combine has been save in archives at http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.swcombine.com

Year 10 Day 115 4:47
Alex Tylger

But the Combine Commander was not released until about March/April of 1999 while the official opening of the Combine was what.. December 2nd 1998? And its general conception a while before that.


Year 10 Day 115 15:00
Exactly. The name predates the software. I left it out intentionally. :p