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Year 10 Day 116 5:06
My usner name is Ba Gamnan and my brother's account is Demogorgon Nyx... I loged on this morning and I was banned...I told him to log on and he was Banned...He has a lap top and I use a computer, and we log on at the same times, but we are lightyears away from eachother in the game and we are in totally different factions...How can we get our accounts back?

Year 10 Day 116 5:18
The Sim News usually have the answer ...


Year 10 Day 116 11:49
If you never registered as Multi's, your arguments are (ususally) useless....sorry XD

Year 10 Day 116 13:49
I did...I am Alex, the user of Ba Gamnan...I put Dallas's user name, Demogorgon Nyx as the person I would play with on the same ip...My brother didn't log of when he used my computer last...So I was on thinking it was Ba Gamnan...I have proof! This happend to my brother as well! In the forums listed RPG Centre, under the title Will Work For Ship...He made a post using my account then deleted it because he saw that he was loged in as me...Please!! We did nothing wrong! My brother Dallas just wrote a message to his friend saying he did have another account named Ba Gamnan because I have to pay him money! Dallas told me and showed me this site, and so he told me that I should pay him a hundred credits...I only have like 42k which is what I started out with! PLEASE!!! I did nothing wrong and neither did my brother! Do we HAVE to wait 30 days and do we HAVE to pick only one account to activate again? PLEASE!! I just started a couple days ago and Dallas started about 2 or 3 days before me. PLEASE IS THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DONE!!!

Year 10 Day 116 17:37
Ben Magma

no i beleive begging wont help you as if you read the multi account rules your excuse doesnt work as i believed they used the same excuse as an example sorry i feel for you though i didnt want this to happen so i sat over my brothers shoulder the whole time he registered to make sure he listed us as shared ip


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Year 10 Day 116 19:25
We can't help you on this forum. You need to direct your questions/concerns to multi-accounts@swcombine.com.