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Year 10 Day 118 7:15

I would like to change this character's name. I am the Admin/Founder of an Imperial Roleplaying Community that has been running for 5 years and is a subcommunity of an even larger one that has been running for 10 years almost.

I am starting to recruit people FROM my boards to SWC to try to incorporate this universe into our roleplay. I would like to change my character's name to that of the one everyone knows from the other board.

From Krant Horne -> Aldebert Disra

Here is a link to the other board.

Thank you,

Edited By: Aldebert Disra on Year 10 Day 118 9:48
Year 10 Day 118 9:34

After investigating the matter and confering with other Admins we have decided to allow this name-change request. We believe that this name change request is for the benefit of the Combine and is not motivated by a player bored or tired of a name, or trying to minimise their history within the game. This move is aimed at improving the game experience for a collection of players, and to assist in the recruitment of new players into the game, and only because of that element that we will grant an exemption to the ordinary requirements for handle changes.

As a side note, the mention of donations will not help any request to the Admins. While we appreciate those who donate as it allows us to keep the game servers up and running and also pay for vital development tools such as the Dev Meetings; we do not distinguish at all between players who donate to SWC and players who do not. We will weigh cases on their merits exclusive of the money factor, and the mention of donations only annoys us.


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