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Year 10 Day 119 4:19
I have quite a few 'when' questions.

1.When is R&D comind out?
2.when is combat coming out?
3.how long will it be until the gme is compete in terms of all current skils, items etc. are added?

I am just asking as i am excited about all the new features and i also find the game a bit limited with out the new feature.Just a rough guess will do jst so i can get ready for combat etc.

Sam Lex


Sam Lex, Gungan, Pilot, Hacker
Year 10 Day 119 4:26

The only answer that can be given is "When they come".

If deadlines were set they would inevitably be missed, deadlines and voluntary developers with real lives and jobs aren't compatible.


Year 10 Day 119 14:22
Ben Magma

we cant possibly answer this


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Year 10 Day 119 14:29
Lexxa Sunnar

This game has been around in the "beta" stage for 10 years.


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Year 10 Day 119 18:26
Although the last devs meeting had put R&D near the end of this year, early next year. But as Ral said above it is possible that this will be missed.


Year 10 Day 119 19:04
Tony Barzini



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