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Year 10 Day 120 11:03
The scenario is like this: I created a new Tag, made it available for NPCs, then assigned a subset of my owned NPCs the new tag. Now, in the "Owned NPCs" screen, with no filter active, I try to create a new filter by tag. In the list I have the new tag with (x) (which is correct) and "None (y)" (which is also correct).

Problem is checking "None" and applying the filter does nothing. The screen is empty. I was expecting to see a list of all NPCs who were not assigned the new tag.
Is it supposed to work as I was expecting? If so, I will move this to the bugbase. If not, I will move this to Suggestions forum.

Thank you in advance.

Year 10 Day 122 3:54
Hi Elim,

That certainly sounds like a bug to me. It should be working the way you were expecting.


Kids these days!
Year 10 Day 122 8:33
Thanks for the info, mate.
Bugbased (#1998). Please close.

Edited By: Elim Xarthe`el on Year 10 Day 122 8:34

Ex astris, scientia
Year 10 Day 123 3:58


Kids these days!