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Archives » Protected assets in my inventory (not my factions) WTF?
Tony Barzini

Picture 1

Thing is it's inside my own inventory and not my factions, and when I try to make it over I get this:

Picture 2

This happened at the time PPS was looted, after the assets were removed I was remade leader. I saw that the Tibanna was there, so I sent it from the faction to myself, the name was yellow, and I am pretty sure it wasnt protected, all I thought was during the unprotection stage its name was kept the same color, but then recently I've tried making it over and I cant, (also take a look at it's location I dont think I can go to a (,) ). Any info would be great, I'm hoping and Admin could just unprotect it or something?

Edited By: Tony Barzini on Year 10 Day 127 0:56

\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the terrorists, disarm the president, and kill the hostages...\"
\"Disarm the hostages
RM should never of been allowed to be protected, so next time we sync it will unprotect all rm that were protected.