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Archives » Handle change - issued resolved. Please close. Thanks
Melik Tafari

Of all the stupid drunken ideas, this ranks pretty close the top. I am requesting a handle change based on the reason that its not very facilitating for good RP and I have managed to upset some of my fellow players. It has been pointed out to me that handles cannot be of real people, thus I have to seek a handle change in order to comply with the rules and with overall spirit of the game. I prepared to accept any electron lashing deemed necessary to prevent said bad decision from reoccuring in the future.

Edited By: Melik Tafari on Year 10 Day 130 18:51

Year 10 Day 124 22:29
I was really wanting to see the "Bad Trading Practices: I got burned by Bernie Madoff" thread in Traders Lounge...


Year 10 Day 124 23:11
Are you kidding, that'd lead to the best RP I could think of... But then, I guess no one would trust you. :P


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Year 10 Day 124 23:53
If you do not see a timely response to this thread (a day or two), you might want to send an e-mail direct to assistants@swc.


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Year 10 Day 125 1:49
You don't even need to invent a bad RP sort of rule for it.. your handle directly violates an existing rule since it's a character in another universe (yes, real life qualifies as another universe). :p



Year 10 Day 126 16:36
It wont help. Ive had this handle for 10 years. Cant seem to shake it after several request.

Year 10 Day 126 16:38
Tony Barzini

I always wanted a single name handle, I envy those who have one :P


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\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
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\"Disarm the hostages
Year 10 Day 127 17:29
Brett, just send the request to There has never been one from you, so you must have missed.