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Archives » cant seem to leave my ship
Year 10 Day 124 22:27
im seting ot the some location as another ship and i have been added to the crew list but i cant get from my ship to it

Year 10 Day 124 23:52
Okay, basic question: Are you in the entrance room of your ship?


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Year 10 Day 125 7:34
yes i am i have managed to get on to a station but i still cant board the other ship that i am assined on the crew list of and i have also made sure that we r in the same square

Year 10 Day 125 9:03
Are you carrying items that may take the cargo of the ship above its maximum weight? Also, is there room on the ship, or is the passenger capaicty already taken up?


Year 10 Day 125 9:30
no the passenger capaicty is not already taken up. and i even took all my items off and it still wont let me board

Year 10 Day 125 23:05
There's a bug with the crewlist feature. Currently, you can't board other ships/facilities unless you're pilot or commander. Hopefully, this'll be fixed soon.

I presume this bug applies to vehicles as well.

Edited By: Kriston Tsin on Year 10 Day 125 23:06
Year 10 Day 126 4:01
ok kind of thought there was a bug of some sort ill see what i can do about geting put on as pilot or commander till i can get my stuff off that ship