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Archives » what's wrong with my proposed name?

Just wondering why "Crustaceous Sharkbait" wouldn't work as a name of a Selkath?

Going through the name creation rules:

1. both words are capitalized
2. no rank or title
3. Sharkbait's already in use??
4. i just made it up...coincidence
5. no special characters
6. this does not resemble "Imthebest" or "AttAcK", both names reference the ocean (Selkath), and sounding like a name is rather subjective. is Crustaceous Sharkbait really any weirder than The Fishinator Varik Starwind or Colonel Fishsticks Mike Que-Kara (famous Selkath)?
7. can't see a list of other players until i sign in
8. yup, both there
9. hahahahaha
10. why i'm posting here


Apparently, what I already typed when starting this thread, didn't make it into the thread. I'll try again.

I'm wondering why my proposed name of "Crustaceous Sharkbait" was turned down. I'm intending going with the Selkath race and was looking for something oceanic yet creative. The reasoning mentioned in the email was "Your handle does not match our current rules requirements. It was turned down because it either contains numbers/special characters or it doesn't sound like a name (ie: Red Wolf)."

As Crustaceous Sharkbait does not contain any special characters, i'm left to believe that Crustaceous Sharkbait doesn't "sound" like a name. however, referring to the Select Handle rule #6, Crustaceous Sharkbait doesn't in anyway resemble "Imthebest", "AttAcK" nor "Killer X". it also doesn't seem much weirder to me than "The Fishinator Varik Starwind", "Manta Birostris" or "Calla Boom" (famous Selkath).

...and what did you propose? Actually writing a forum post will help.


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Wilhelm, there's a bug with Guest posts not showing up atm ...

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"Crustaceous Sharkbait" pretty much sounds like "Red Wolf" to me ... it's not something that sounds like a name, but something describing the stuff you use to fish for sharks.


Indeed. PLus those names you listed from the famous races page has the first bits as their rank given to them: 'The Fishinator' and 'Colonel Fishsticks'. Maybe that needs to be fixed on the pages?

Anyway, think of it more as though would you meet someone walking down the road with that name? That is basically what they want, a name that sounds reasonable in the real world, with some obvious leeway as it is Star Wars.


Aye, they're names are Varik Starwind and Mike Que-Kara, The Fishinator and Colonel Fishsticks are their ranks... And I'm afraid I have to admit The Fishinator is my fault, it was a place-holder rank until we had a more iron-clad system...

And those names, as already said, wouldn't work, since they're not names. If you want something like that, then turn the word into a real name. Like instead of Crustaceous, try Crustace. And just skip Sharkbait...


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