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Year 10 Day 129 17:11
Hi. I've been having issues with my DM inbox...

Shortly after I delete my messages, usually between 30 minutes and two hours, they reappear in my inbox, they won't go away!

Also, I discovered that if somebody sends me a message, I don't receive it until I delete one of the messages that reappeared in my inbox, so I basically have to delete a message to read new messages. I've tried clearing my cookies, cache, and other private data (multiple times!) and I'm still having problems. Is there something wrong on my end or is it a bug?

And just a couple minutes ago, I got a message from somebody I never remember talking to. I hit "Reply" to see the "Messages exchanged with..." log, then I noticed that the original message was sent by my brother (registered as a multi with me). Why I am receiving his messages I have no idea, and it's quite strange.

On another note, my multi/brother once attempted to login to his account, typed in his handle and password, and it logged into my account! It only happened once, and it stopped after I deleted my cookies and cleared my cache, but it's worth mentioning here I think.

FYI, I use Firefox 3.0.8 and have all the recent updates.

Year 10 Day 129 19:51
You would probably have better luck reporting these in the bug base as it's not something the assistants can resolve for you.