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Archives » how can i get rid of him?
Year 10 Day 141 18:28
Ben Magma

ive got a person on my space station who hasnt logged in since year 9 (jacob revan) how can i get him off my space station?


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Year 10 Day 141 19:26
Gitane Z Demone




Ask not what the Combine can do for you, ask what you can do for the Combine.
Year 10 Day 141 20:46
But then again Gitane, that would depend on his ability to get A/E privs in that system, also he must be stronger than the arrestee.

Year 10 Day 141 20:49
Xim Reyes

But that is the only way. You can't kick in space. If you can't get A/E to work, nothing else comes to mind that will move him.

Year 10 Day 142 14:48
A blaster might work, Yet I'm too new to Know the consequences for that.


Year 10 Day 142 16:20
We have no combat, Groozle, so no.

You could try kicking him onto another ship you own, and then flying to a planet and kicking him off there? Not sure if that actually works.

Year 10 Day 142 19:31
Jettison him into space! =P


Year 10 Day 143 23:11
Azhrarn Amaratha

that would work mikel.. from the ship you can kick him off the space station (into your ship)


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Year 10 Day 144 0:18
Gitane Z Demone

Recycle the station. ;)



Ask not what the Combine can do for you, ask what you can do for the Combine.
Year 10 Day 146 20:22
I have to agree with groozle... shoot the guy, if combine hasn't installed combat in 10 years I don't really know what they installed for the game.


Year 10 Day 146 20:30
Well we haven't, so you can please take your unhelpful comments elsewhere.

Thank you for confirming for me that would work, Azhrarn.

Edited By: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 10 Day 146 20:30
Year 10 Day 146 21:10
So after 10 years combine can't make it so you can kill somebody?