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Archives » Ship Piloting not Effecting Time in Hyperspeed
Hi Guys,

I've had this issue for a while now but now that i am flying allot more it would be nice to get it resolved.

This used to work quite well. You would Select the speed of Hyperspeed and then select what hyperspeed bonus you want to use due to charecter piloting level.

EG. Hyper speed 4.0 Bonus +0.4

I have the boxes and can choose all the options however when i click ETA or Jump into Hyperspace i only ever get the base time (4.0 without any bonus). Also after hitting ETA it resets to default settings for the page (Maximum ship Hyper speed and no bonus)

Has the piloting skill been disabled and i wasn't aware of it? Or is this a bug?


Your piloting skill bonus is applied in the base ETA, and cannot be removed. The +0.1 to +0.9 that you see just allows you to be more precise with your ship's speed, but you cannot exceed your max.

For example, if your ship is HS4, you could fly at HS 3.9 in order to coordinate a more specific arrival with other ships, if your faction does things like that. But you couldn't fly at 4.1 since your ship only goes up to 4.0.



Yeah, you probably just changed ships.

Ahh right, now it makes sense...

So if the Ship max Hyperspeed is 4 then 4 is the maximum i can do.

If i set the ship Hyperspeed to 3 then i have an option of choose 3.1, 3.2 etc.

So realistically if you have 2 pilots leaving on an hyperspeed of 4, the one with higher pilot skills will arrive allot sooner then the other?

Am i also understanding correctly there is no way to adjust this without having the experienced pilot reducing their Hyperspeed to 3 and then tweaking up the decimal speed to match the experienced pilot flying at full speed.

Essentially you don't know how much bonus you are getting unless you reverse engineer the skill formula?

As this seems to be the case, is there any way to maybe add you bonus stats on the screen somewhere. I mean the actual result of your bonus due to skill level? Most MMORPG have this feature, and i believe it's something that can show each player exactly how much better off they are by increasing certain skills.

Otherwise the skills system quickly becomes pointless as the player dose not know how much better off you are, and it simply becomes a normal operation. So player with high stats may feel exactly like a player with very low stats because there is no visual evidence of your achievement. Sure your stats will all work in the background, but movement and caring stuff is what people spend 99% of their time on. Same can apply in market bonuses due to skill etc.

Each person having to whip their calculator out, pen and paper and then count what advantage they actually have for various stat is daunting and many may not have the mathematical skill to do so.

Just a thought. I don't think it would be very hard to do as the calculations are all there, just need to show Standard Ship ETA at Skill zero, and next to skill bonus. To minimize screen space can have Total ETA / Travel time and in bracket show the skill bonus included within it.

Just a thought!

You are correct in that if two pilots with differing skill are flying and they want to arrive at the same time, the higher skilled person will have to lower his hyperspeed to compensate.

As for the effect of skills this is detailed on the rules page http://rules.swcombine.com/?Character_Skills

Non-combat skill at navigating fighters and freighters. The better this skill, the faster that ship can reach its destination. Each increased level marks a 5% reduction in travel times for piloting fighter or freighter ships and 7% more chance to avoid any problem when aborting hyperspace travel. 

Or you could use the nav comp to work out differences as that allows you to change the piloting skill.


Sorry I couldn't make them clickable links.

Thanks for the link to navcomp...

i've already browsed the rules, they are simple and streight forward, however it would be nice to see how your stats effect actual actions.

I am sure as time progresses it would be easier to add couple of numbers, rather then building a nav comp, trade comp, walk comp, etc. for every action.

Anyway.... i am straying way off the topic. My question was answered, thank you all for your time and patience.