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Year 10 Day 145 15:39

I've been combing the rules lately to get more familiar with the the world i play in. I have couple of questions regarding the XP and Level.

When you create your character, you will be able to distribute a certain number of skill points among the various skills in each skill group. The number of skill points you can distribute in each skill group will be determined by the importance you assign to each skill group. 

How dose one know what importance you have set for each skill set. I created my character 10 years ego, and i have no idea which order they were in.

1st: 14 pts
2nd: 10 pts
3rd: 8 pts
4th: 6 pts
5th: 4 pts

Am i understanding correctly, each level up you get to spend all of the points allocated to each skill set.


Level 0: 0 pts
Level 1: 1 pt
Level 2: 2 pts
Level 3: 4 pts
Level 4: 8 pts
Level 5: 15 pts


Level 2: 0
Level 3: 2
Level 4: 6
Level 5: 13

Whats the formula to get points allocated to each level. They seem to be doubling, however when you get to level 5 it's an Odd number? Not only that it is impossible to reach the highest level in 1 turn (eg. going from LVL:4 - 5) if you have no character bonus. This means you would have to wait 2ce as long and will have spare points left over unused for hugely extended periods. Is this something that was intentionally done? As the game goes on and characters reach level 6+ spare point would have to sit there for for 6-18months without use. It doesn't seem beneficial to the game, and the reward for waiting so long and saving up points is quite minor.


Year 10 Day 145 17:55
You seem to have gotten the wrong impression here. When you created, you chose which categories you would be better in (1-5 as you listed), which gives the relevant points available to distribute only at the beginning. After that, you only get 1 skill point per level to use, but it can be used in whichever category you want (ie at lvl 2 you get an additional skill point and can use it to increase a skill from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 2) - alternatively you can leave it and save it up to use with more gained at later levels to raise a higher skill (ie wait until you have 2 skill points to raise a skill from 2 to 3).

As for the skill points required per level, I think the lvl 5 is an anomaly so that people have to choose a race which has an inherent bonus to that skill in order to gain the maximum value right from the start.

To be honest I thought at the beginning that after character creation, each skill level increase costed 1 skill point regardless of going from 1 to 2 or 4 to 5, which would still mean it would take forever to max out all the skills.


Year 10 Day 146 4:08
Ahh that makes a bit more sense...

just one more question. SO every time you got up an Level eg. level 10 to level 11 you only get 1 skill point to distribute, or with every level you get more points?

eg. when you reach level 10 you get 10 point to distribute, at 11 you get 11, etc.

Last time i went up a level was years ego.. so it's all a little hazy and the rules page dose not seem to be very clear.

Year 10 Day 146 4:09
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

One point.

Year 10 Day 146 8:24
Exuse me for this but that seems very dumb as well... I mean you will be so much weaker as well, I mean when you level up you should have several points, not one. A Noob can easily kill a pro because of this, there really ain't much way to be stronger.


Year 10 Day 146 8:26
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

This isn't a suggestion forum..

Year 10 Day 146 12:20
Xavze Zavan

Combine doesn`t want a bunch of super elite mega skilled players.


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Year 10 Day 146 12:57
It's hard to level up as it is and at the rate you earn skill points I doubt there is any strong players to begin with.


Year 10 Day 146 16:42
One point.  

Wow 1 point really, i don't remember that. I'm over level 10 and i swear i could distribute more then a single point during level change.

As you mentioned this isn't a suggestion page, but this seems a little crazy. I am almost reaching my next level, and it with travel taking ~ 10 days to get 1000 points, realistically most people would ever get to would be 11-13 range... even at 13 where it's 78,000 you would need to travel solid for 780 days (2 Years). Anyone would find it difficult to do nothing but solid travel from one end to the other so gradual progression through normal game play / movement would take even longer.

Seems quite a small reward to me. But that's my personal opinion. Even when you dedicate so much to your character, you may not be any better off then a beginner player who can out class in more then 50% of other skills.

It is possible to balance the game and i agree about not creating super players, but it dose not really matter how many points you have. If the combat / game rules don't elevate / reward those with every extra point then members will so realize levels don't mean anything, it's the size of your army, and which side you play for.

Which is a shame, because to SW has always had the promise of galactic adventure whether it's on your own, with a small smuggling group or part of a big faction.

Anyhow, that's enough of a rant from me. I may be somewhat disappointing by the answer but you did answer my question.


Year 10 Day 146 17:24
Basically means that with just 1 point per level you should really set up your character from the start to be something you can deal with, then any further skill points you get are just bonuses to add here and there. And it means that you need to focus into a specific area, so if you want to be a soldier put all your skill points into combat related skills and you will be better than any new character can be. If we got more and more points every level then the older players would be really good at everything, which is not what is wanted, people want some diversity in player skills.

Also, everytime you level up you get more HP so you can take more of a beating, especially if you are a race with a HP bonus.

Year 10 Day 146 18:24
I guess but I wish we atlear had 2 or 3 per level instead of 1. I mean if it's just one their is basicly no difference. A Noob can easily kill a level 10.

I mean we should atleast have enough points so something like that won't happen.


Year 10 Day 147 3:35
As was stated, this isn't a suggestion forum. Closing.