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Year 10 Day 147 21:43
Gideon Stargazer

I noticed this additon; "Make Over Contents"

Does this mean if I have a Large Back Pack checked and this option checked it will make over the Back Pack as well as everything in it?


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Year 10 Day 147 21:56
Yep, that's what it's for.

Year 10 Day 147 22:21
Gideon Stargazer

I went ahead and tried it. If that is what it is supposed to do then, no it does NOT work.


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Year 10 Day 147 22:25
Interesting - I made over a city and used the 'Make over contents' tick box, and it worked fine. It doesn't list the things that are made over as well, but in the event it does say X number of [entities] made over as well.


Year 10 Day 147 22:42
Gideon Stargazer

I made over a Large Backpack with 10 Items inside and none of the items inside were made over. Fortuneatly, I had renamed the Pack so I was able to go one at a time to make over the 10 items.


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Year 10 Day 148 8:46
Gideon, I used it for the large pack I bought off you recently and it worked. This was a few weeks ago though, so it likely just got messed up with some new update. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon as it's pretty handy, especially for you I can imagine :)



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Year 10 Day 148 11:27
Gideon Stargazer

Good to hear. It's a great addition and will make my game much easier if I can get it to work.


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Year 10 Day 150 16:34
I have a problem with this tool as well, it never makes the items contained in the trunk over.

Year 10 Day 151 4:25
As per the notes for the last patch we did it should be fixed now.

- Fixed a bug preventing factions from making over items with their contents. (2162) 



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