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Year 10 Day 150 17:15
Seeth Lankost

I logged on a few hours ago and noticed my hyperspeed was complete. I fueled up for a short trip in sublight to the planet I was headed and set my course. This was 4-5 hours ago and the journey said something between 1 hours 30min - 2 hours, I really didn't pay attention to exact minutes I just generalized and knew I would be around later to check it. I have 53 minutes left as of now. Any help?

Year 10 Day 150 17:21
The Combine was lagging like hell for awhile, so travel most likely stopped/slowed down during the problem period.


Year 10 Day 150 17:23
Seeth Lankost

That would explain it, thanks, I was a tad bit confused.

Year 10 Day 151 9:48
Ahhh that would explain why after 32 hours of walking I still have 8 out of 25 hours to complete (combine site was unavailable today for some time)....

Year 10 Day 151 10:09
Dorn Zeke

Think of it this way - combine time is now running slower than RL time. So, something that took 6 hours before in the combine will take more than 6 hours IRL. Yes, this is very inconvenient.


Year 10 Day 151 21:46
Piico SaNikto

It happens on occasion. Just be patient, and it will all be fixed.


Year 10 Day 152 4:30
Azhrarn Amaratha

seems not only travelled was shut down for a while.. also all mining and prospecting was aborted


Not even the sky is the limit !
Year 10 Day 152 12:57
Would this also mean we get more experience when the traveling is done?


Year 10 Day 152 12:59
Ka`rla Leakey

nope 8xp for a 14-15 hour journey. no increase as xp is distance based and not how long it takes.

Year 10 Day 152 14:03
Then I can't see any positive side out of this.

I mean I know the people running this site are people volunteering to do it for free but you'd think a star wars universe with so many players would enable combat and not have such a big glitch right?


Year 10 Day 152 14:20
Glitches will come and go, a tiny script may just take down the whole site for more than 24hrs. It has happen in the past and it will most likely happen in the future.

Many, many things need to be programmed in before combat can be even be consider. We've been going 10 years with many ups and downs, just lately it seems to be getting better.



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Year 10 Day 152 14:44
...and not have such a big glitch right? 

Look at it this way: Microsoft has spent billions of dollars over the past two decades with thousands of paid employees to create and refine Windows. It still crashes and has bugs. Why would you expect the Combine to not crash from time to time?

Year 10 Day 152 19:37
Do you really want an answer to that?

But yes, it does seem to be moving forward much quicker recently than it was just 1.5 years ago.