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Archives » Something i would like to know.
Year 10 Day 159 17:28
I noticed earlier this sim news

Cheaters be Warned. (Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 10 Day 155)
Tonight, I had the displeasure of going through the events of individuals, looking up creation stamps, action stamps and all this other dull nonsense that I shouldn't need to spend my time doing

Ruteus Paron has therefore been banned for starting construction on 6 Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigates AFTER the new rule was announced, thus exploiting a bug. The Frigates in general have been deleted, and I'm considering further action against the group for willingly exploiting bugs.

If the person in question believes this treatment to be unfair or wishes to enquire as to when he will be unbanend, he's asked to mail me at sin@swcombine.com.

Thanks to Illygn Ackmin for finding and reporting this incident to the administration. 

i presume this was in regards to an earlier sim post:

Change to Medicae Frigate datacard (Posted by Veynom on Year 10 Day 85)
For game balance purpose, it has been decided to limit at this point the number of received Medicae Frigate datacard to one per medical faction, with retroactive effect.

For other factions willing also such a ship, the possibility to exchange is still valid until the 28/02/2009 23.59. Remember that you can exchange a single existing, regular Nebulon-B Frigate you own for a Medicae-class for a mere fee of 1,000,000 credits (factions can exchange up to 5).

If you want to take this offer, send an email containing your handle and the ship ID to assistants@swcombine.com. For faction-ship-exchange, the faction leader must send an email containing the handle, faction name and a list of the ship IDs to the same address.  

So why was this guy banned. Did he assign more than one datacard after the rule change or was he only building what was assigned before the change. I hardly believe it is fair to ban him for anything assigned before a rules change.


That'll cost ya
Year 10 Day 159 17:41
Because after the rule was announced, medical factions were supposed to be limited to 1 datacard. A bug prevented that 1 ship limit from taking effect and those guys started multiple new ships.



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 10 Day 159 17:59
so.....that still doesn't answer the question of did he have the DCs from before the rule change or did he assign/get them assigned after the rule change.


That'll cost ya
Year 10 Day 159 18:42
Well the fact that the SimNews post says he started them AFTER the rules, this would indicate that he did indeed assign them after the rules change, and the subsqeuent bug.


Year 10 Day 160 2:52
Ku`Bakai Roche

I'm more concerned with the inclusion of the informants names. Worried that friends/associates of those outed will take revenge on the informants.


Year 10 Day 160 17:35
*waits for admin response*


That'll cost ya