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Year 10 Day 164 8:58
Is there any way you could change my handle?

Year 10 Day 164 9:44
NO, unless it violates the handle Rules.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 10 Day 164 10:18
Ku`Bakai Roche

Technically you could argue you violate the 9th rule of naming. After all Joe Collins was a baseball player who played from 1948 til 1957 for the New York Yankees. He had 86 HR and a .256 career batting average.....


Year 10 Day 165 8:12
Ku`Bakai, while I am very impressed with your information and feel that it may be possible for that argument to work, I would guess that it most likely wouldn't.

Year 10 Day 166 1:53
Ku`Bakai Roche

It's pretty much the only one he can claim he violates as far as I can figure :), though I cannot guarantee success.


Year 10 Day 166 8:37
Melik Tafari

If I recall correctly, not unless the handle happens to be his IRL name. Then it would be applicable for a change.


Year 10 Day 166 14:06
Pretty much. The baseball player is an insufficiently notable figure, so if your surname is Collins you can submit evidence along with your request to, Joe Collins. Evidence is generally in the form of a scanned copy of an ID with your name on it, with any other identifying information (address, social security number or whatever else) edited out.



Year 10 Day 186 18:32
Could Hunter count as a name that sounds unreal because that my real name and the game won't let me use it even with a last name.

Year 10 Day 186 20:03
Guest please start your own topic.



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