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Year 10 Day 164 17:22
Soon, it will be implemented that npcs will cost "x" number thousand credits to upkeep their services. This is done to add a bit more of an RP feel to the interactions with Players and npcs, as well as drain some of the extensive inflation of credits out of the market.

ex. you own 100 npcs, each require 2k a month upkeep, total upkeep is 2m a month

Now, if I was a poor faction member I could ask my faction to 'sponsor' them. aka i make them over to the faction and they pay the upkeep while i still use them.

Here's the kicker, what if I had hundreds of arrested npcs or maybe just hundreds of npcs that I or the faction aren't using? Theoretically, I could make the entire bunch of them over to someone or a faction I didn't like and they would be stuck with the cost of upkeep, unless they catch it soon enough.

So, would there be some sort of restriction on this? this 'loophole' could cost factions/players millions and possibly banckrupt them. All the nefarious characters have to do is wait until just before the script runs and make over a load of unused npcs to an individual/faction and it will drain their credit reserves to nothing.


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Year 10 Day 164 18:09
Man, does nobody read the posts on this? THe salaries will be voluntary, in that you don't have to pay them. However, if they do unpaid for 2 weeks they will be removed from the game. So no loophole. Plus, it would make sense to wait until they and figured it all out and got it ready before asking more about it, as its possible and/or likely that it could change before its released.