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Archives » Wrong name while getting assigned
Year 10 Day 165 6:24
Hey there,

When someone assigns me to a facility or a ship, I only see that it says "You has assigned you as operator of facility xy". It doesn't happen all the time, but mostly that's what I get when someone assigns me to something. I'd like to know who assigns me to what, might be that there is some hidden sense behind that I don't see everyone's name when getting assigned but it could also be a bug.

I didn't know where to post, so I tried it here. I'd appreciate some help on that.


Zaff Daroona

Edited By: Zaff Daroona on Year 10 Day 165 6:25
Year 10 Day 165 12:45
I believe it's a known bug with Inventory 2.0


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Year 10 Day 166 0:40
Ah, ok. Thank you. :)
So I'll wait until the problem is solved.

Year 10 Day 166 1:54
Ku`Bakai Roche

Yeah I keep getting weird lines to where I was unassigned to items/ships/things I do not own nor does the faction I belong to own and neither have owned...its some kind of bugs.


Year 10 Day 166 10:13
Yeah, I've been having this for a while too... Things like 'You have unassigned your self * Reason: Mine!'