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Archives » I can't set my starting location
Year 10 Day 169 5:24
Marcel Anke

can anyone help me please i can't find a place to set my starting location

Year 10 Day 169 5:46
In your right-hand menu, click "Position"


Year 10 Day 169 5:52
Marcel Anke

but in the position menu it says i havent selected a starting location yet and i don't know how to select one

Year 10 Day 169 5:53
I believe you get the option when clicking on "Travel"


Year 10 Day 169 9:00
Yes, Togan is right after you click on travel it should say " You have not picked an starting location yet, click here to select one" or something along those lines. After that you should get the choice to spawn in your Faction HQ if you have one, or the planet where you race is from.

Year 10 Day 169 10:56
Marcel Anke

the page that shows the travel button doesn't appear anywhere, i logged in on another pc and now it works but thanx

Year 10 Day 169 11:48
If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer you might need to try Firefox on your usual computer. That doesn't seem like a page that wouldn't display at all on a different browser, but that's most commonly the cause when portions of a SWC page work for you on one computer but not on another..