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Year 10 Day 169 6:56
What are they? I tried going to the page, but I'm arrested and it's on the CP exchange page. I have quite a few that I would like to post, but I need to know the rules before I do.

Edited By: Tyler South on Year 10 Day 169 17:28
Year 10 Day 169 8:01
Well the custom image have the met the following requirments to my knowledge.

-No Nudity
-Must actually show your race( you can't be human but have a hutt custom)or (if it's a y-wing you can't have a ISD custom)\
-No profanity in the picture.

Year 10 Day 169 8:12
Thanks. I have a lot of custom ship and vehicle images that I am going to post on the art forums. That is where I post them, right?

Year 10 Day 169 9:04
You don't post them in the art forum unless you want to make them public in which you may receive CPs for your work. If you want to use them for your personal ships/vehicle, you go to CP and then Exchange CPs in the middle of the page, it will have a custom entity form.

Year 10 Day 169 9:22
I posted them in the art forum to share them. They're here: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=34144&page=

Year 10 Day 169 11:44
The rules are also in a sticky thread in the Public Art forum.



Year 10 Day 169 17:28
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