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Year 10 Day 178 17:31
Just wanted to know how it came about that since a faction builds a PR on a planet they control it without the aid of physical protection? Are we saying that since they have a NPC resident on the planet they can stop illegal construction - construction without a "permit"? I mean we have ways to prevent others from building on planets that can and do involve a player's physical presence (A/E and soon combat) why not have the factions controlling the planets actually physically protect them?

This is not a suggestion, just a question as I was wondering how the control rules came about.

Like if Eidola wanted to risk the personnel, credits and raw materials to build on and take over a Galactic Empire controlled planet then shouldn't the Empire have to expend personnel and credits to protect it? Instead of just building a PR?

On another note why isn't kidnapping included in the A?E rules? Why does one have to get a controlling factions permission to nab someone off a planet? Last I checked people get kidnapped every day without government permission , just asking.

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Year 10 Day 178 22:02
It's called combat.

Come combat, the current system of planetary control will be revised and, frankly, those PRs will be able to be blown up along with entire planetary slabs (in theory). As there is no way to blow up the enemy ship trying to build on a government's world, there are building restrictions in place to protect them for the time being.

As for second issue (kidnapping), plenty of people HAVE been kidnapped both with and without the use of the A/E script. It's called having a silver tongue. You either convince the target onto your ship or your convince the controlling power to let you have A/E.

The former doesn't let you have the person in cuffs, but again: Any other option will not be available until the release of combat.