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Archives » Faction Merging - Loss of stock!?
Year 10 Day 178 22:31
I seemed to have lost all of my Starsign stock when that company merged with the Techno Union. The stock had a Combine value of around 200,000 credits and a CPM value around ten times that. Do I just lose all of that with the merge? I don't get Techno Union stock or credits? How about junk bonds?

I guess I just want to know if this is a bug, or if shareholders are just going to have to be wary and hope their stocks don't disappear.

Year 10 Day 178 22:39
Considering the factions also lost datacards in the merge, I'm saying it's still exceptionally buggy.


Year 10 Day 178 23:02
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Except the faction didn't lose cards, the old information is still cached. (no idea about shares)

Year 10 Day 179 4:56
Indeed. I had a couple of Starsign Shipyards stock and upon seeing the GNS flashnews was expecting some cash - no inventory event, and the stock just disappeared. I wondered if it just transformed into a TU stock and doubled the number available (or added the two faction numbers together or whatever), but no such luck there either.

Given the insignificant amounts stocks are valued by the server its no great loss, but still something.


Year 10 Day 182 12:21
Ok. So I see they have fixed the problem in the last update. Are the Starsign Owners going to be reimbursed?

Year 10 Day 182 17:16
I don't think it has been resolved, the Sorosuub munition merge I assume went ahead after they posted that the bugs were fixed, since I think they were waiting on that, and when it happened my stocks disappeared and I got nothing in return.

Year 10 Day 197 10:28
Ok, I thought I saw that this issue was resolved on one of the sim updates. However, I have still not been reimbursed. Is there somewhere else I should be posting to get my credits?