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Year 10 Day 179 20:49
This IP has tried to apply with several handles at once. All requests are declined as we can not know which one is correct. Please apply again with only one request and be patient. 

The only problem with this is that I have no idea what it's talking about. I assume it means that the system thinks I tried to send my application twice, but I have no idea where it would get that idea. I tried just once, a little earlier tonight. I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally double-click or have a hiccup in my connection when I submitted. I can't imagine anyone else using this connection, let alone in the past couple hours. Is there anything I can do?

Year 10 Day 179 21:50
It is possible the person sending the decline accidentally hit the wrong selection. That would suggest, to me, that you might be sharing an IP with an existing account (as the closest option they may have been going for). Have you tried to register in the past? Or does someone else using your connection already play the game? If so, you'll need to retrieve your old account or register as a multi.

If neither of these applies to you, go ahead and try submitting another application, and see what happens.


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Year 10 Day 180 19:57
No one else would have registered with this connection, and I'm pretty sure I've never joined. I know I found this site once before, but if I registered, it would have been quite some time ago, two computers and an upgrade from dial-up to wifi ago. So it's a possibility, but I don't think so. :/ I guess I'll try again.

Year 10 Day 180 21:23
I got the same decline message and I know for a fact that I have never before been on this site or registered before. The only people with access to my computer is my son and he didn't do it either. Very strange. I am going to try to register on my PC instead of my laptop now.

Year 10 Day 180 21:50
Who is your internet provider?



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