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Year 10 Day 182 17:56
Magnus Plaga

With the impending release of Atmospheric effects, nothing is mentioned about whether or not it will affect NPC's. At this point in time, NPC's cannot be equipped...so will they be immune to atmospheric effects?

This damage is only applied when you are outside and exposed to the elements, ie: not in a city. 

^Does this mean it applies while inside the city boundaries (which include a ring of "terrain" in the city) or just on the slab, with the "terrain ring" causing damage to the unprotected?

Year 10 Day 182 19:16
Piico SaNikto

I had the same question about NPCs. Many people have a habit of placing NPCs they plan to sell in some wilderness location for others to go to and pick up. I would hate to have NPCs die cause they are stuck in a situation like this.


Year 10 Day 182 20:52
Along similar lines, and to avoid cluttering up the problem centre with needless threads.

Will the Vacuum Suits also need Breath Mask refills? Will they work in a similar way to the breath masks? I guess this question also applies to flight suits.


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Year 10 Day 182 21:09
The NPC question was asked on IRC last night:

[00:27] this isn't going to affect NPCs yet, I hope
[00:27] No Vorso

As for the suits, presumably not as they are for the masks only. They have their own internal air supply, rather than filtering out the air that is there.


Year 10 Day 182 23:58
Drega Loas

Being Kel Dor, and having a concern about certain locations, I DMed Zhao with this and for the sake of retyping I'll just copy and paste- no reply yet btw.

Year 10 Day 178, 12:20 : message from Drega Loas to: Zhao Yun
With the release of survival items, I have a question...

Equipment Slot rules will not allow me to wear a Breathing Mask and a helmet of sorts, so when visiting a Hot Breathable condition and only wearing the mask, I would still suffer a 15% per 3min HP penalty because I cannot equip the full Thermal Suit with Helmet... is this correct?



Year 10 Day 183 4:17
Yup, NPCs will be unaffected.

The Breathing Mask is the only one that needs to be refilled.

The Breathing Mask will protect Kel Dor and Gand on Hot/Breathable and Cold/Breathable in the same way that they protected other races on toxic planets. ie: You only need the mask, no suit.

A bit weird but it's a lot easier to implement it like this for now.


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Year 10 Day 183 6:52
Drega Loas

The Breathing Mask is the only one that needs to be refilled. - Khan 

How often?

Edited By: Drega Loas on Year 10 Day 183 6:55

Year 10 Day 183 7:49
24 hours per refill.


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Year 10 Day 183 9:41
What counts as a city for the purpose of this? Is it simply a square that is slabbed, or does it have to have a certain number of buidlings in it? And what about the ring of terrain that surrounds city slabs, are you safe in there?

Year 10 Day 184 22:35
Womgi Fidelis

also does this mean that i cannot stay out of my vehicle(without atm eff dmg being applied) without a breathing mask in the c/b planet i am currently on?


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Year 10 Day 185 5:37
Titanes: Yes, a slab will suffice and yes, the border region is safe too.

Womgi: At the moment you are fine if you are outside of a city, this is just the discussion and coding phase. We'll turn it on in a couple of weeks and at that point you'll start taking damage if you are without protection.


Kids these days!
Year 10 Day 185 13:42
Copied from here as it seems it was overlooked;

Just a quick question; if Gands and Kel Dors are in an oxygen-rich atmosphere without protective items, what will the damage percentage be? I presume for things such as Hot Breathable, or Cold Breathable, the damage will be 5% as it is already listed.

However I presume Temperate Breathable is also considered oxygen-rich and would therefore do damage to Gands and Kel Dors - but at what percentage? Currently it is listed as no damage.

I'm aware that the rules aren't finalized yet, but an indication as to whether the damage values will use the table as it is, or will use another defined value, would be great.

Year 10 Day 185 14:42
There is a 10% difference between H/B and H/T, or C/B and C/T. Therefore I would assume (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) that it would be 10% damage that Toxic Breathers take in a Breathable atmosphere.
Also I would further assume that the 5% and 15% values for the Hot/Cold types would be reversed for Toxic Breathers.


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