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Archives » Cannot override door codes
Year 10 Day 183 4:48
Remove a Lock

If your faction is assigned as commander you may upgrade a lock freely, however; you will need either have make over privileges or enter the old password to either unlock, downgrade or change the password on the door. If the player is upgrading a door from nothing, he will be requested to enter a password to be used for the door. This code can be changed at any point after a successful installation by the owner

BAW owns a protected Trade station.
As a faction CEO, assigned as commander , I cannot over-ride the code.

Is it because of the protection not recognising the make-over priv, or should I be looking at bugbasing this?
In my case I did not install the lock, but I had another person try on dev with the same result.

Have your faction create a trade station 1.
Protect it.
Install a door
Change the code
Assign yourself (as faction leader) as commander of the ts1
Assign yourself operator

Try and change the door code without entering of the previous code

result: fail