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Year 10 Day 189 15:43
I'm mentally disadvantaged, so please forgive my ignorance. What exactly do smuggling factions smuggle, and how does slavery function? And is there any advantage in owning a slave market or NPC slaver?

Year 10 Day 189 17:31
As it sits for Smugglers they are just a Transportation faction with the title "Smuggler".
Slave markets are not in place just yet. Everything is revolving around Role Playing only.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 10 Day 190 13:11
Thanks for the response. There had been a post in the Sim News saying that some smuggling items would be introduced. But I didn't know if that had become active yet.

I have a little idea for slavery that could be done with existing features. I've seen a lot of inactive characters inside Civic Centers. If one could get the local government to issue arrest warrants for them, and also get arrest privileges from a faction, then one could arrest those inactive characters. Then put them in a facility that has a lock, and lock the door. That allows for roleplaying them as "slaves." The slaves could be sold to collectors.

Wouldn't that be a cute slaving business?

Year 10 Day 190 15:32
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh

Sure it would. Most government aren't total jerks though, and won't make slaves out of all the newbies.


Year 10 Day 190 20:56
I know/knew of the GE had someone posted at all the CC's on tatto and A/E'd all new players(or they use too).


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.