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Year 10 Day 189 23:55
Increased the cost of new cities built on planets with a toxic atmosphere or without any atmosphere by 500k for the atmosphere effects updates.

- Sim News

No atmosphere I can understand, but why Toxic atmosphere?

As a toxic breather, when I lay a city in a toxic atmosphere I'm not doing anything special to it. Furthermore, as a toxic breather, if I walk around a city on a breathable atmosphere planet, I also do not take any environment damage, because cities are exempt.

Why, then, am I shafted for building cities on my homeworld where the atmosphere is suitable for myself and my people?


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Year 10 Day 190 6:01
Coleman Rendar

Maybe its because the city must be able to support those who can't survive in those conditions

So the extra cost is to allow the city to support different species


Year 10 Day 190 6:04
Andhers Jakhim

If that is the case, Coleman, why doesn't the other cities cost more to support toxic breathers like Gand?

Year 10 Day 191 9:49
Simple answer: RACISM