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Year 10 Day 190 15:00
I recently started on Corellia, not realizing I should've waited to pick a starting location AFTER joining a faction. I was trying to make my way to the NPC starport which is several cities away, but when I crossed into the first city next to my starting location (Saigetopia to Argos), I can't leave Argos because the entire perimeter of the city grid is made up of ocean.

Is there any way to get out of this city if it's surrounded by water? This is really frustrating as my faction sent a ship to my original location as this happened, and now I don't think I'll be able to get to the Starport OR the ship coming to pick me up.

Please help!

Year 10 Day 190 18:22
Well if you cannot move, then you should be still on the edge next to the city you just left. Simply do the cross-terrain move you performed to get there to head back.

If that doesn't work, then its a bug that needs looking into.


Year 10 Day 190 19:18
I should add that I can move around the city, but I can't leave the city. There's no option to cross terrain on any edge. :\

Year 10 Day 190 20:21
Looking at the map, they are both cities, so there will be no terrain effects (such as not being able to walk on water). At a guess, your on the edge of the city slab, and haven't gone to the edge of the city limits - you need to step onto the blue water bit around the edge to cross terrain (which you would of done to move initially just you owuld of been on grass instead). Head to (21,21) in the city, and you can then cross terrain back to where you came from.


Year 10 Day 191 8:34
Thanks, it worked when I was in the corner of the grid!

Year 10 Day 193 15:54
i cant even move it wont let me go any were and i dont know how to call for a pickup ship from my faction.

Year 10 Day 193 16:36
Ace please start your own topic.

Also try reading "The Guide" link at the top of every page. Also try messaging your faction leader, try visiting your faction website. Remember the combine is more than just the website, it includes everything from the internet.



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Year 11 Day 66 14:56
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