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Year 10 Day 190 17:48
Ok, so, I got an email concerning my IP sending multiple requests at once. I feel that I should explain the mess: I tried to register with my email account, but I got an error saying the handle was already in use, so I used the back button on the page to change it. When I tried to send in a new handle, it rejected it on the basis that my email had already registered. So I used my second email, and both came back rejected. Now, I'm about to try to reregister, and wait another few hours for a response... Hope it works this time, but it would help if the server query could be checked so this doesn'nt happen to someone else... And btw, I mentioned using multiple IPs because of my wireless...

Year 10 Day 190 18:25
Probably best to send an email to the multi-director as its most likely that you will be rejected if you send any more join requests. They can either unlock the first email account or otherwise allow you to continue. If you keep requesting they will just keep blocking them all.


Year 10 Day 190 18:50
If both accounts were rejected (if it said you applied multiple times at once, NOT that you seemed to already have an account) then you should be clear to try another application. Rejected accounts are not stored, so you will not conflict with a previous attempt that has been rejected.


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Year 10 Day 191 13:44
We actually check it manually, so when we come across two (or more) accounts with the same IP, we automatically decline all. We do this because we will not know which account you wanted in the first place.

This also includes when you put in a wrong email address.

If a wrong email address is accepted, it is best to contact to request an email change.



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