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Year 10 Day 191 18:47
Actarus Procyon

I'm new to this game and the only thing I seem to be able to do is travelling.

I have some questions :

- Is there a Jedi master on each planet who can tell me if I have the force ine me?
- Is there a way to make money other than join a group or faction?
- What can I do with a NPC that I just hired? (she's a merchant)
- Can we use guns on our ships?
- What can you tell me more about how to use a planet grid?


Year 10 Day 191 19:23
Reld Drealius

1. Nope.
2: Yes, there are other ways. You can buy stuff from production factions and sell them for a slightly higher price, transport items for people, gamble, win raffles, etc. I can't give you a complete list, there's a lot of ways.
3: Npcs page in rules.
4: Not right now, they are not implemented. In the future, most likely.
5: The rules are a good source of information for almost everything in the Combine.

Year 10 Day 191 20:00
Actarus Procyon


What do you mean by gamble and winning raffles? Where?

Year 10 Day 191 20:53
In response to the question about the Force, let me expand upon it:
You will need to be tested by an existing Force Aware individual who has trained in the appropriate power. You will have to find one using IC means, but most factions will either have some agreement to have their members tested periodically, or have a faction leader who knows who to put you in touch with.

Joining a faction is probably the best way to get started in this game, although you hinted at not wanting to do so.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 10 Day 191 21:19
Actarus Procyon


Any good active faction for new people like me?

And what can I do with me NPC merchant? Leave her alone on the planet doing nothing?

Year 10 Day 191 21:40
Take her with you? She might be useful for something eventually. Or you can sell her - a lot of people trade in NPCs. Put a cute custom image on her and someone might buy her just for looks.

For factions, you can try the Positions Vacant forum on the RPG Centre, or you can look in the Classifieds.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 10 Day 192 15:56
Reld Drealius

Some people hold raffles where if you get lucky, you might win the prize. There's also other gambling games that people come up with that you can win money in, too. You can find the list of raffles/games by clicking the RPG Centre, scrolling down, and clicking on the Gambling Hut.

Year 10 Day 240 22:08
James Rider

im stuck i cant seem to move at all if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong thanks lol

i hit city then place i want to go eta and it stays the same says 0,0

Year 10 Day 310 8:02
Jacen Firewalker

Im having issues moving as well
im in the city and i click my travel path and it gives me where im goning and travel speed but when i click go it says invalid parameters and doesnt let me move

plz help

Year 11 Day 49 6:14

How can I restart, I don't like my skills. I also can't die, stuck on a planet.

Year 11 Day 49 7:26
The movement issues sound like the recent travel bug(?), I imagine eet's fixed by now? :)

How can I restart, I don't like my skills. I also can't die, stuck on a planet. 

You can't restart as such, unless your character dies (you're only permitted one character/account). To kill your character you need to either be arrested & executed by someone (if you're in a faction they can usually do this for you if you want to respawn), or fly your ship into a sun. Obviously you won't be able to do the latter as you say you're on a planet. :/

Once dead you will need to wait 3 weeks before you can create a new character though, so be certain eet's what ya wanna do. My skills aren't perfect either, and in hindsight I coulda made a much better character - but such shortcomings are kinda cool in a character aspect imo - nobody's perfect, ayah.

Year 11 Day 58 14:40
Q: When getting ready to jump into hyperspace what is the 0.1 to 0.9 teller next to the hyper indicator?Is it extra speed at the cost of a higher breakdown-chance?

Year 11 Day 58 14:52
Cyrus Braveheart

It allows you to set hyper at 2.4 or whatnot, you can't exceed your max that way.

Year 11 Day 66 14:54
Deleted Post
Deleted by Togan Jano. Reason: Vaako Cage being stupid
Year 11 Day 246 12:44
Um...I was wondering...I can't find the answer ANYWHERE!
How in the galaxy can you equip items?
I assigned my knife to me,and I have one extra. How can I carry it as a weapon?


Salem Cosgrove
\"Take the System less traveled.\"- Robot Frast
Year 11 Day 246 13:19
Gunther Innis Tennor

Everyone needs to stop necro-threading and open their own threads.