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Archives » Suggestions, and why not?
Year 10 Day 191 18:53
Nick Felstone

i'm just wondering why we can't make ship suggestions,( i personally was thinking of venators and LAATs to be implemented, but that's me) along with vehicles and stuff.

i know that in the suggestions forum it says none of this-type of suggestion is allowed. this is a simple query.



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Year 10 Day 191 19:27
Congo Deviean

probably because people would put stupid remarks like a ship that hits 50 light speed or something like that.


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Year 10 Day 191 19:32
Piico SaNikto

You'll be able to work on new ships when R&D come out. Until then, be patient.


Year 10 Day 191 20:29
Nick it is because currently there a quite a number of different ship models in the galaxy, and more to come. The research and development list is immense, and will most likely include the ships you mentioned. The admins just want to include a feature that does not involve strictly combat oriented actions, and this is a good way to make sure the Galactic Empire cannot spawn hundreds of Venators before anyone else. A way of controlling the number of varied entities that exists.

Year 10 Day 191 21:16
If we were to allow everything to be added now, there'd be nothing left to R&D. It doesn't mean you won't see them in the game.


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