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Archives » Death Stick & Healing Stick Question.

Hallo all,

I was wondering is there currently any way to tell the difference between the two?

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I don't see why they need to log in, *eyes Ranma*.

No, Guest, I think the whole point was that you aren't able to tell which one is which. So you better either trust someone or name them properly.

Xanyarr Chyakk

Yes it is possible to do so indirectly through the capital page if you know the credit value of healing and death stick ;)


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Cesodevo Avina

It's possible, in many ways.

If they are in your inventory, just select the "text" version, and it will say on the left-hand side if it is a death stick or a healing stick.

Or, in the items screen, you can simply look at the items, and underneath the name of the item, it will show what type item it is. So even if if it called healing stick, it will say death stick underneath.


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All the ways Cesodevo listed are bugs and should be reported to the bugbase. Healing Sticks and Death Sticks should NOT be able to be separated through any means.


Cesodevo Avina

Those are bugs? But that method has always been around, and always applied to all entities in the inventory and item screen. Just click on "Items", and it will show you the type of item you're dealing with.

If showing the type item is a bug...well...that changes everything then.


Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!
It's not a bug in general, it's a bug that that one specific entity shows as its true name.

Exactly. Drugs are meant to show up as their equivalent medical item in any way. All other items should show up just as you described.