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Year 10 Day 194 20:50
I was in a market recently and remembered reading a SIMNews about selling to market, and found it here: http://www.swcombine.com/community/news/simnews.php?display=2&postID=16970

Now, I know at least some of my possessions met all the conditions on the rules page, but the thing is I couldn't find anywhere in the interface the option to sell (tried both position and market page) and there didn't seem to be any mention of it in the SIMNews or Rules page. Anyone able to help out?

Year 10 Day 194 20:55
Kal Djin

If you're in the items menu, selling to the market is one of the choices in the drop down menu you use to make an item over.

You still have to be in a market, but I think that is what you are looking for.

Year 10 Day 194 21:00
So it's done from inventory? Thanks, I'll have to try that out. I suppose I could have guessed since it came with that update in the SIMNews, but I think I will have to make a rules suggestion about this so it's a bit more clear.