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Archives » I can't find any way to leave the Gand Welcome Centre... help!
Helzar Farstalker
Helzar Farstalker
I've looked around, talked to the quest characters, tried everything I can think of, but to no avail... there seems to be no way out!

I haven't even STARTED playing and I'm trapped. *sigh*

What am I missing?

The helps seem to indicate I should have a [terrain] button or something similar... I just can't find anything.

Can anyone in space here me screaming... HELP!


Well, according to what you wrote your in a facility, you must walk around until you find a room with a box with what looks like crosshairs in it. As soon as you get to that room, you will see an exit button under travel. Under the travel keys also is a room legend, most useful if you don't know what each room is.

I believe its been set so that players spawn in the entrance room. So yes, when you can see the room map under the buttons that go across the middle of the screen, there should be a button on the left that says [Exit]. Click that and the confirmation afterwards and you will be outside.


AFAIK you start in the control room, right? So you have to find the entrance first.

No, that was changed a while ago so that new players start in the entrance/exit room (unless I'm mistaken)

yes you start at the exit... I can confirm due to the fact that I just started.

I just started on corellia not realizing that I should've waited to pick starting point after jioning faction. Now I'm stuck in the civil center hanger and can't leave to get to the city. There is an air speeder in the hanger, But the Name on it is Koro-2 airspeeder that is not my name it is Kuro. Can you help me please to get out of this building

Kuro, that air speeder belongs to someone else, it doesn't belong to you so you can't access it or fly it. To get out go hit travel, then find the room map legend and find the exit.

To further expand, Koro-2 is the name of the type of speeder, like a Victory stardestroyer.

In anycase, you need to go from room to room in the building until you get to the Entrance Room - this should of been the room you started in. Then there should appear an [Exit] Button to the left of the room map. Clicking this, and the confirmation button will put you outside and in the city. Welcome.