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Year 10 Day 197 10:53
I have been stuck in a ship for two months. I have been contacting the owner 2-3 times a week trying to get his attention but nothing seems to work is there anything else that i can do. Onboard the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser GGC Lady Luck. I have tried to leave but the ship is not in an area that i can get out at. any ideas on how i can get out?

Year 10 Day 197 10:58
Ka`rla Leakey

GGc doesn't ring any bells as to who may own it, but is it possible that the previous owner has been banned as an illegal multi?

Anyhow have a wonder around the ship and look at room descriptions to see if any descriptions have been added which may say where you are and if so hire a transport faction to come and pick you up.

If you cannot find anything which says where you are, (I am sure your memory must have a clue) then you may need to contact an admin about dropping your character as I don't believe they do rescue missions anymore.

Year 10 Day 197 10:58
You will need to contact assistants@swcombine.com with your handle and a description of the situation for further assistance.



Year 10 Day 197 11:10
Thank you for your help

Year 10 Day 197 13:22
"GGC" seems like it could be the Galactic Gaming Commission. I believe it was run by Rand Axim.

Year 10 Day 286 20:13
Steve Hawks

2 months wow, lol.. srry

didnt the owner tell you how long the journey would be?

maybe they went on holiday.. lol (srry)

if the ship is still moving maybe you just havent reached your destination yet..

that just reminds me to rarely rid on other ppl's ships!

your avatar is sooo funny.. and a little cute