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Year 10 Day 197 13:57
My question is how do items get implemented? Do we as players do this by making them, or is it Combine that decides to set them up? As I've noticed some are some are not and others are partly implemented.

-Regards Appan.

Year 10 Day 197 14:00
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
The developers slowly code a use for them following a 'predetermined' schedule.

Year 10 Day 197 18:10
Though sometimes items are made useful outside that schedule, depending on what else comes up, and sometimes by general consensus of the players. Occasionally. However, by now I think most items have been assigned a use that will be coded in at some point.


Year 10 Day 198 15:18
Also, I'm sure this has been asked before, but, Lightsabres! Will there ever be any?


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Year 10 Day 198 16:10
Let's have working knives before lightsabres eh



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Year 10 Day 198 18:31
You can trust that the FS community is much more concerned about it than you are. :P

Year 10 Day 199 12:26
So they should. I just think they should be in the list of weapons that all. At least we'd know that they would be avalible eventual. I mean, there are holocron's, so why not lightsabres!

Guess what!

I've another Q;- Why are some planets from the books etc not in here?


For RP use Datapad info; http://appanparsu.yolasite.com
Year 10 Day 199 13:08
They just haven't been added yet or were overlooked, or simply not enough information is available on them.

If you can think of some canon planets that you would like to see added to the game, we have a very active Galaxy Suggestions forum where you can (I believe) find what information is needed in order to suggest a new planet.

Year 10 Day 199 23:39
Let's have working knives before lightsabres eh

- Ranma



Year 10 Day 199 23:52
Unless you are planning on doing some major work, I wouldn't even think of going anywhere near the galaxy suggestion forum :)

Ezekkiel<-- why the :(



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Year 10 Day 200 12:45
I had a quick look, they seem to be talking a different language to me! ^ ^

I know that there are many canon planets that have no description of their system or even their sector. Which is a nightmare to work out were they should go. But why not have them scattered, in location only know to the admin', thus us players have to find them. Which would be good for those who wish to explore, there could be hints, say in the news as were they are etc! Then when there location become canon they get changed!

Year 10 Day 200 12:56
Because we currently have too many non-canon planets to go scattering brand new ones around all willy-nilly for crooked half-admins-half-players to secretly make hidden and claim for their faction, instead of simply renaming, moving and/or re-terraining the ones we have already have.

Plus, the Galaxy Team is a bunch of masochists and love to give themselves all sorts of hard work to do.

Year 10 Day 200 15:14
Sorry, I would post anything here again!!!