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Archives » How may I help new players?
Year 10 Day 199 14:47
Xortyph LoKebo

What do new players receive after joining?
I like to send credits, occasionally, to new members of SWC.
It started at 1k, then 5k, then 10k.
I think this is way low to help new players these days.
I just want to make a meaningful altruistic gesture to a new member now and then.


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 10 Day 199 14:55
This still looks like a suggest and now a question.

Are you volunteering to give all newbies credits from your own pocket?

If you really want to help new players and then give them something to do in a faction so they can earn the credits.



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Year 10 Day 199 15:21
New players receive a random number of credits upon joining; I believe the number goes up to 100k these days.



Year 10 Day 199 15:25
Xortyph LoKebo

This is a question (?), not a suggestion.
Would you kindly re-read my question?
I won’t bother you again after this.
I like to help new members now and then, in my small way but don’t know what a gift of creds would be of any use to them.


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 10 Day 199 15:35
Xortyph LoKebo

Thank You. Please close at your convenience.


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 10 Day 199 15:37
Personally I think the best way to help new people is to give them a helping hand getting started in the market.

I was helped out in this way when I began. And I still see [insert certain trader name here] them helping others in the same way. Sell a newbie something cheap that they can re-sell on the market for a profit. Gives them confidence, get's them involved in the market and also working for their money in a honest way.


Year 10 Day 199 15:38
Anything given with expecting something in turn is a bonus. But for actual amounts, look at the cheapest available ship cost.

But as the saying goes, it better to teach a man how to fish, then it is to just give the fish to him.



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Year 10 Day 205 9:56
Very true Ranma. Thats why I pick random new comers and give them a ship to do jobs for me until they pay the full CPM price in work. That is what happened to me when I first joined, and it helped me learn about combine.

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