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Archives » I guess this can be closed then
Year 10 Day 205 5:47
Hey there,

I'm reffering to a recently closed thread on the Suggestion-Board.
The topic was to add some new hidden systems which was (correctly) refused.

The question I have here is the following: I'm wondering if hidden systems only exist in known sectors or if there might be also some of them in the empty space between them. If that's the case, then I guess there should be enough systems left to find.

Does anyone of you have some experience with that?

I also hope that I won't get a ban for asking this question. ;)



Edited By: Zaff Daroona on Year 10 Day 206 5:51
Year 10 Day 205 7:21
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Hidden systems exist only within sectors.


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Year 10 Day 205 7:44
What a pity if that's true ;)

Year 10 Day 205 11:15
There may be hidden sectors.



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Year 10 Day 205 12:37
Since when? I've never heard any mention of a "hidden sector".

Year 10 Day 205 13:25
That would be new to me, too.
Well, I'd like to hear more voices concerning systems outside of sectors.

Year 10 Day 205 13:51
Admin have previously stated that all hidden systems are within visible sectors.


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Year 10 Day 206 0:03
Didn't know that, thank you.

Year 10 Day 207 1:31
close please.