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Year 10 Day 205 22:12

Hi, I signed up to the combine about 6 or 7 months ago but during the first few weeks a personal matter arose and Star Wars combine was forgotten. Anyway I'm back and I've changed since then and I'm not happy with the character I created eg race, stats and faction. Now to the point, I'm wondering if it's possible for an admin to check how many more months of inactivity are left on a level 1 character until it is deleted? I'm not asking for it to be deleted by the admin, I'm just asking how much longer until it will be so I can start again. If it is possible could you check for the character, Lielan Cortian.

Any help will be apprecitated

Year 10 Day 205 22:26
From the character profiles section:
Trainee Lielan Cortian
Last Login: Year 9 Day 371
Race: Nautolan
Gender: M

So, let's see, 9*30 = 270. 371-365... huh, okay, must be because of the infamous leap year bug that was solved around the turn of the year. So let's assume it was more or less the day before Year 10 started. We are, of course, on Day 201. So you're probably looking at a little over 70 days.

It might well be quicker to try to find someone who is prepared to arrest and execute you, and then you'll only have a 3 week wait to recreate.


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Year 10 Day 206 0:15

Thanks for the reply, well I don't know if I'll be able to find anyone to arrest and execute me, I'm stranded in one of the cities on Sanyassa, though 2 months and a bit is isn't too bad, better then logging on and not finding anyone and having to wait till sometime next year. Thanks for good answer by the way

Year 10 Day 206 2:16
You could look on the map and find out which faction controls the area - if they are a gov, they could get someone to you relatively quickly to A/E you.


Year 10 Day 206 2:57

Well Avance Coalition controls Sanyassa but nah doesn't matter, I don't want to risk another 9 months if I can't get them to arrest and execute me. Sorry but I will properly start another topic like 75 or so days just to be sure it's gone. Thanks Ellias for the advise though.

Year 10 Day 206 2:59

I mean like in 75 or so days (couldn't edit last post for some reason)

Year 10 Day 206 10:33
Why wait 9 months to recreate when you can in 3 weeks with arrest/execute? Some people I don't understand

Year 10 Day 206 12:10
What exactly is wrong with your current character, that a few years of playing can not change it?



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Year 10 Day 206 14:36

Well, at the time when the personal matter arose I was half way through the training part in joining a faction and well they may see me as rude for just stopping and not logging on and to be frank I was a lot stupider back then in the way I chose race and skills etc. Also no Avid I have to wait 70 or so days before I can recreate and I don't want to risk not finding who can arrest/execute me and having to wait another 9 months.

Year 10 Day 206 15:55
I think most factions would be happy to see a member come back and be active again. Unless you picked a race that can't fly a ship, then there is no stupid selections. And skills really do not mean much since most don't do anything yet.

I think you should just login and contact the faction eh



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Year 10 Day 206 17:20
Hes Nautolan... Nothing wrong with that. One of the few races that has a real IC benefit.



Year 10 Day 206 17:39
You can always visit the faction site, see if they have a contact e-mail, and get in touch with them without ever logging in. If they'll be happy to have you back, then that's one less worry. Skills also don't matter too much, and you can correct any glaring errors as you level up, or just save those skill points to see what you need later in development.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 10 Day 206 22:29

Sorry but I think I'll just wait the 70 days, I seriously have no direction on what I want to do with that character. I have actually thought through what I want to do this time, Kaminoan with the medical scientist template who will work for either Republic Medical or Biotech. All ready got a back story too and even if I change my mind I've got 2 months to go. Thanks for all the replies and advise though

Year 10 Day 208 7:26
You could always try your luck on irc://irc.swc-irc.com

You can then aggregate the server for a list of channels and find a group to arrest and execute your character.

Edited By: Kromag Momag on Year 10 Day 208 7:27

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Year 10 Day 208 8:40
You could also go ahead and log in to SWC, gain some CP's for a small ship and sun yourself. Then you'd only have to wait three weeks to re-create.

Just a thought.

Year 10 Day 208 22:28

Don't I need to log in to use IRC? I tried the client, it was way to complicated. Also don't you get CP's for suggestions for the game or something? I do have a few suggestion's but I can't be sure they are good enough or would give me enough CP's to get a cheap ship.

Year 10 Day 208 22:37

Also how much exactly do you get for something like this?

"Clicking on the banners in the "Support the Combine" section once every 24 hours. To access this page, select the Members Menu on the right hand side of any Combine page where your total amount of credits is displayed. Click on that amount, then click [Support the Combine]. "

Year 10 Day 208 23:06
You get abbout 180 or so. A couple of weeks and you'd have enough to get you going. As for IRC, there are other places to join the iRC rooms. Several different factions have a Java version on their websites, and you can download programs and put in the server details given in the IRC rules section.


Year 10 Day 208 23:13

I've tried download the version of Java that is needed for IRC but it keeps saying that the server has timed out, so IRC isn't an option. How many CP points dose it cost for the cheapest ship?

Year 10 Day 209 0:27
About 3.5 weeks.
10x20=2,000 per week.
An ETA cost around 6,500


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