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Year 10 Day 207 11:52
I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place, but I've encountered a minor Inventory problem.

You see, I am the owner of Toolkit ID# 680969, as well as Electronic Lock Breaker ID# 518951. They are both in my possession, and both appear in my Assigned and Carried Items menus, but neither appear in my Owned Items menu! They used to, and I don't know what changed... they were stowed inside a large backpack together, which I also own and can currently view in the proper menus. How do I have this remedied?


Year 10 Day 207 14:01
The galaxy is still full of bugs. This does seem to happen every once in a while, me included. I've lost quite a few ships, but I gained one that wasn't mine. This happened to me about a month or two ago.

Actually, come to think of it, I believe I just recently lost about 4 items out of my inventory. I had 63 items, and now, without selling any of them, I'm down to 59.

Unfortunately, I don't know what they are, and therefore obviously do not have their id's.

Year 10 Day 207 14:10
I know someone who has recently lost several hundred valuable items, so it seems like this is a bug that is actually fairly common.

Year 10 Day 264 8:10
Some of my items have recently done this. Is there anyway to get it back?

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Year 10 Day 264 8:38
Haven't seen this forum in a while. You bumped us Mr. Starkey.

As far as I know, you won't get your items back. This happens to so many people that I don't see how it would even be possible to return it all.

In cases like this, I just pretend I lost it. :)

Year 10 Day 265 6:21
Hmm its just that i am wearing the item in question, and can even still place items in it.

Year 10 Day 265 9:40
Possession of items has little to do with ownership.


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