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Year 10 Day 209 8:48
Here is a good question that I need an answer to. I know the Togruta race only has two starting spawn locations. Can anyone give me the two locations?
I have a freind that needs a ride but she just started and is now in the RL hospital. I want to drop a ship of next to her so once she logs on again she can start. She told me she would give me her password but I told her we can not do that. (I explained the multi rules)
I know she is near one of those two places so I plan to check them but I am not sure which planet.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Year 10 Day 209 11:29

Planet: Shili (12, 12)
System: Shili (-319, 297)
Sector: Unknown Regions

- Togruta Race Page


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Year 10 Day 209 23:05
OK close enough. Thanks Hal. I will see what I can find.

Year 10 Day 209 23:09
Probably want to try the cities at (7, 7) or (1, 4).

Year 10 Day 218 2:42
ok thanks. I found them! They are now aboard. Thanks to all that helped