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Archives » Prospection: unable to find new deposits
Over the last 30 days, I did about 50 scans, none of them rendering any new deposits. I am prospecting with 12 FK-7s and a comp. ops. skill of 5 on a planet that has already a number of known deposits (Boordii), so I would have expected to find some more.

Now I started to wonder if everything runs well. Did anyone else find something over the last 30 days?


Rick Alano
Outland Mining Corporation
I have found about 5 deposits in about 7 scans in the past 30 days.


Ethan Weber

On each type of surface there is a certain percentage of the type of mat you can find most of the mats have around a 10-20% chance of being found so I mean it is small but I never had that bad luck.

Or it could also be the fact that you don't have enough mining sensors as each FK only has 10. Till now I have used Groundhogs and they have 40 (each) so I've have been successful a lot even with a comp ops skill of 3.

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Everything looks better with shadows.
Ka`rla Leakey

Prospecting lots on a planet which is a combo of rock and glacier and have found deposits, the last of which was a few hours ago using FK7's. Doesn't seem bugged to me.

I hope this isn't a different topic: what is the procedure to create a squadron of FK-7s?

That's a vastly different topic, Guest.

Rick, sometimes I go days or weeks Force training at 10% without a success, about the same chance of finding many material deposits as Ethan said. Then again, sometimes I get two or three a day.

Thanks guys for your help. I recently found something, so it seems I simply had bad luck all the time.
I did a lot of prospecting in the past, and it never had beed that bad, so I was just wondering.
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Rick Alano
Outland Mining Corporation
Helena Gladio

When you search again and again, it can happen there will pop something up in time then?



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
The planet you are on might have already been scanned. I have had to re scan planets someone else scanned, and had about the same results as you have gotten. But I usually at least find one or 2 deposits.

I know that someone else did scans on that planet before. Most of the previously found deposits (except of only one) were in the northern hemisphere, so it looks like the southern part was not scanned totally.
From the terrain I expected to find some more deposits, and I found six new ones indeed, three in the first few days, and three last week.


Rick Alano
Outland Mining Corporation