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Archives » Question about picking a race
Year 10 Day 211 20:12
Do the skill enhancements a race gets really matter in the long run? Or could you just pick any race and do anything unless restricted the race?

Year 10 Day 211 20:14
like obviously hutts can't fly fighters, but say I wanted to be a pilot but I pick a race completely different with no starting skills in flying, would that still work?

Year 10 Day 211 20:17
Christian Hall

Yep it a skill will only make you get to your destination like a day faster.And you can always put points in it when you lvl up.

Year 10 Day 211 20:17
The starting points you get at character creation can allow you to tailor almost any race to do pretty much anything. Don't worry too much about picking a specific race for skills.


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Year 10 Day 211 20:46
ok, thanks