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Archives » Aborting hyperspace by boarding a docked ship...
Ok so I understand why you get aborts you if you leave the ship and enter another one that's docked. I also understand that this can be prevented if you have an NPC or droid to take over piloting before you enter the docked ship you wish to enter.

What I do understand is why you don't get XP's for time you spent flying through hyperspace before you get aborted by boarding a docked ship?

I want my 3 days worth of XP's I lost out on.

That made no sense. Regardless, I think I know what you're saying.

You don't get the XP because life sucks. Actually, if you read the rules instead of complaining to us, it's pretty clear. Click here.

If you suggesting that we change it, please post it in the suggestions forum.

Cesodevo Avina

Apparently you do not know what he's saying, Foop. The rules make the statement clear, yes. however, he is asking why this rule exists.


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