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Archives » Application Denial: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, ADMIN???
I have asked your administration numerous times to delete all accounts associated with the e-mail addresses: and I have also asked you to delete all accounts that come from the IP Address:, so that I may play your your game. I have already told your and that I have another account that I forgot the handle and password to that I would like cleared off the above address. I also have repeatedly asked your admins to give me an account under the handle Kyr`am Bes`uliik. I also told avid that I believe the old handle could be Rush Sykes. Please get off your butts and do something. I am tired of asking for help and being denied or ignored.

Your problem, basically, is that your requests go completely against existing policy. You should be able to get access to the previous account, by the e-mail being changed and a new password sent to you. If you then absolutely must have a new handle, then you can have the character killed, and create a new one. But accounts are not deleted expect after 9 months of inactivity at level 1, where we assume they are not coming back.

Exceptions are not made just because you don't want to follow the procedure that has been suggested to you. The rules apply to you as they apply to everyone else. Either you can attempt to solve your problem within those rules, or you can go find another game to play.


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Can I just add that they wont find an account coming from - or any other ip address starting 192.168.

That is your private IP from your router........


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You weren't honestly going to expect them to do anything anyways if you're talkin' to 'em like that, were you?

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Regis, there was some website problems in the past few days. Please, learn patience and we will get to you. Your not the only person with problems. We have received all your emails. Again, have patience.