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Year 10 Day 218 6:19
Christopher Eagles

Why can I do anything without having skill points in that area?

I'm just curious but why has SWCombine not done what every else has done and implemented it so that if I have no skills as a Pilot/Medic/etc then I just can't fly ships/heal people/etc.

What is the use of skill points if they give a tiny modifier to existing skills instead of saying well you just can't do that..

The same question goes to why for example I can attempt to heal someone using Medical devices if I have a med skill of 1 which in effect is basic CPR. (I mean like why Doctors med skill 3+ aren't the only ones able to heal people with Bacta tanks) or why a Pilot skill doesn't stop people flying SSDs which would need like a 5 in Cap ship piloting (as they would be an expert).

I just don't see why everyone can do anything and everything, doesn't it go against player interaction? Surely people would interact more if the only way to be healed was by a 3+ doctor or to fly large Cap ships you need someone with a 4-5 pilot skill.

Thanks if you know why



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Year 10 Day 218 7:03
here is my attempt to answer the questions:
First anyone can fly a ship..just like a car..even 12 year olds can do it..but as your skill points get higher, the better you are at flying (can travel to places faster). Just like someone that has been driving longer.

Skill points in a certain slot increases your % to do that skill effectively.


Year 10 Day 218 9:50
Christopher Eagles

So your telling me that at the age of 12 people get in a car and can drive it without ever being told how to move it. (I drive stick) which is irrelevant.

Its not like driving a car, maybe a Jumbo Jet, now stick a 12 year old in one of them and ask them to take off, fly me to spain and land it without even a lesson.

You might find that there take off resembles a large fireball within some 20 seconds or so... :\

Also your trying to say that a 12 year old knows how to perform a complex procedure to heal me when i've been shot. (I hope not because I otherwise your probably going to die soon)



"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."

"Every town needs a hero. [walks down a street towards sunset] Every tow
Year 10 Day 218 10:34
Here is my attempt at answering it, it is assumed when we spawn we are adults, so really we know what we are doing when it comes to ships and such. I don't think more people would interact because what if they are far away from someone when they are hurt they would die, which I would hate very much. Anyway if you don't put stats in ships and such you really can't do anything I would personally would get bored.


Year 10 Day 218 12:39
While there are realistic rationalizations for it (PCs are intended to be the "heroes" of the galaxy; we're the notable characters and probably are bright enough to figure out how to fire a gun, even if we suck at it) -- the truth is that it's just a question of playability.

The admins decided it would be more fun for the players to be capable of flying, even with a 0 in piloting, because we've seen that it drives players away if they choose a race incapable of basic tasks without understanding what they're getting themselves into. The other skills are just an extension of that same concept, but piloting is the big one since that's the basic form of transportation in SWC.

You can pretty much try to do anything, but if you want to be any good at it, you'll need to devote skills to that area. Games are designed to be fun, and it's just more fun for players this way.



Year 10 Day 219 5:53
Check your email, Christopher. Sent ya a reply with some questions.


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